What Happened When I Joined Tinder as a Skeleton

A couple of weeks ago, I set out to answer a burning question: What happens when you join Tinder, but as a skeleton?

I’ve never used Tinder before as myself, a person. But I wanted to see what happened if I joined, using just a photo of a skeleton and no profile information other than my age and gender.

I chose this photo of a skeleton smoking a cigarette and wearing large headphones in order to relate to millennials:



Luckily, this seemed to be a great choice. My suitors began to roll in immediately.

1) Simon and I matched right away:


2) Peter was taken with my bone structure:



3) Then came Evens, who was a man of few words, but one who understood how to romance a skeleton:





Love is everywhe.

4) But then came Michael:


Things were getting incredibly erotic.


Willing to come to the crypt, single, and has access to Fritos! I think I just scored big time.


At this point I stopped talking with Michael because things were getting kind of weird. Well, weirder than they were to begin with, considering he was trying to make sex with a very ancient, scary skeleton. But I still get messages from Michael – which leads me to believe that if you want to snag a man’s attention, all you really need to do is be human remains and then stop responding to messages.


 Men love this approach!


I feel #blessed to have been able to experience the world of online dating through the eyes of a skeleton. Even in the spookiest of crypts, you can still swipe right, and find a man who wants to bring you Fritos and a copy of US Weekly.


Carrie Bradshaw